Shuffles: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why all the fuss?

Why all the fuss? The Shuffles experience is much more than just playing a single game. It is an immersive, visceral experience that allows us to escape the current humdrum. Shuffles is a community. Whether you would like to become a beastly warrior or a fish or a ghostly specter or any number of fantastic entities, Shuffles can help you achieve your final form. We offer offer over 1,000 board games and our library is constantly updated with the hottest new games. We also have Game Navigators who can help you find an old favorite or teach you a new game. We have custom-made gaming tables and chairs that were in design and development for over a year. We offer a full-service restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, with a retail store to boot. Even our lighting is custom; it is designed to show all colors with equal brilliance, thanks to the lighting engineers we consulted before our build. There are numerous special nights with different activities and deals to be had. We also support events, caterings and parties of up to 150 people.

Do you have food?

Yes, we have a full onsite kitchen, serving a full menu, with a large appetizer section of board game friendly foods.
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Do you have alcohol?

Yes, we have a full bar with several craft cocktails and syrups made in-house. We offer 8 beers on tap and over 50 beers from bottle or can. We proudly support many local breweries, including NEFF, for our gluten-free customers. Through our extensive bar program we also offer Topeca coffee from our La Marzocco espresso machine, boutique sodas, energy drinks, flavored seltzers, bag candy and snacks, as well as a large assortment of milkshakes that can be made with or without alcohol.
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What kind of games do you have?

We have all the classic games from your youth and even your grandparents’ youth. Our main focus is table-top gaming; this is an industry which is currently enjoying total revenues measured in the billions and is releasing approximately 5000 new games per year. We have over 1,000 games in our library and add the newest, hottest games often. We love our customers to experience the joy of finding a new favorite game and have crafted a list of several classic games that correspond well with the mechanics or themes of the hottest new titles. Like Yahtzee? Try King of Tokyo! This is a living, dynamic collection of games that is continuously updated based on choosing the best new releases, while still maintaining old favorites.
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How much does it cost?

At Shuffles you are always allowed to eat and drink without paying for a game pass; however, we think you will succumb to the colorful allure of the library! Our Shuffles Game Navigators can help choose and teach games to you; we have a buyer who works tirelessly to make sure Shuffles has a relevant collection in both the library and retail; and don’t forget about our custom game tables, booths, chairs, and lights. We are happy that you have made us your home away from home for something different.

Game Passes are currently $7 per person for unlimited gaming. Kids 5 and under game free. Half-price Game Passes on Thursdays!

How does this compare to other hourly entertainment activities?

Here is a list of local entertainment models that are explicitly or implicitly hourly and their rates:

  1. Axe Throwing - $20 per hour per person
  2. Bowling - $10 - $17 per hour per person
  3. Movies - $5 - $14 per hour per person
  4. Escape Room - $20 - $34 per hour per person
  5. Billiards - $5 - $9 per hour per person
  6. Aquarium - $6 - $8 per hour per person
  7. Trampoline park - $5.33 - $15 per hour per person
  8. Dave & Busters - $20 - $40 per hour per person
  9. Driving Range - $5 - $11 per hour per person
  10. Go Carts - $72 - $96 per hour per person
  11. Paint & Sit - $15 - $20 per hour per person
  12. Miniature Golf - $7 - $10 per hour per person
  13. Casino - $20 - $20,000 per hour per person
  14. Laser Tag - $22 - $32 per hour per person
  15. Yoga - $6 - $15 per hour per person
  16. Horse Races - Free - $20,000 per hour per person
  17. Theater / Opera - $8 - $100 per hour per person
  18. Sailing Charter - $20 - $500 per hour per person
  19. Zip-line - $26 per hour per person
  20. Shuffles - $7 per person

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