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Prep Cook

Are you passionate about cooking and want to put your skills to the test in a fun, team-centric environment? We require new prep cooks who are willing to work a variety of shifts and have a strong commitment to the details.

$14 per hour


The ideal candidate believes in showing up on time for work, providing other employees with assistance in the kitchen as needed and following all sanitary and health-related protocols.

$11 per hour

Bartender / Barista

Whether you're pulling an espresso shot, blending a shake or pouring a cocktail, the person who fills this position should be extremely knowledgeable in their mixology skills.

$5 per hour + tips. *Guaranteed at least $15/hour

Host / Retail

In our restaurant, the host or hostess tends to be the first point of contact for the guest and the restaurant. For all visits - especially first-time visits - this is a crucial moment of first impression. Our host or hostess should be able to follow the organizational structure of our reservation system, be attentive to the parties in the waiting area, and should be able to handle the retail area when it is at its busiest. Board gaming knowledge is required for this position.

$14 per hour

Server / Game Navigator

We owe a lot to our waitstaff. Not only are they the direct point of contact for our guests if they need anything, they are the one our guests interact with most in the restaurant. Having an enthusiasm for board games would be a major benefit for this position because you will be summoned to guide guests through games.

$2.13 per hour + tips. *Guaranteed at least $15/hour

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